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Scroll through this Tamimi Markets offer valid from 30.11.2022 to 06.12.2022 to see the latest deals. On 49 pages of the current weekly offer, you will find the best goods from the Supermarkets category. This Tamimi Markets flyer offers discounts on more than Aquafina, beer, Coca-Cola, gin, lemonade, mineral water, Mountain Dew products, making sure you get the best deal on the things you buy! If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Tamimi Markets, don't forget to look through the entire offer from page 1 to page 49. On the current page you will find promotions on Aquafina, beer, Coca-Cola, gin, lemonade, mineral water, Mountain Dew; however, this promo from Tamimi Markets offers many other discounts on goods like caramel, coffee, Fudge, Heinz, ketchup, animal food, cat food, Magnesium, vitamin c, feeder. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Tamimi Markets, don’t miss the latest weekly offer full of amazing sales and wonderful promos. Come back to Top Offers every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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Legendary brands do not necessarily stagnate and remain the same. Pepsi is clear proof because it is constantly coming up with new products. What can you taste?

The Pepsi brand is a legend among sweetened cola-flavoured soft drinks. You have been enjoying its unique taste for more than 100 years, which every company cannot boast of. Today, you can try many unique products from it, which boast a unique recipe and unmistakable taste. Classic Pepsi with sugar, Max without sugar, or fruit variants with lime, mango, vanilla, pineapple, and others. It always enlivens boring afternoons and refreshes you during a hot day. You can buy them in eight different sizes (from 0.25 ml to 2.5 l), in glass, sheet metal and plastic. In any case, you will get your favourite taste for a great price.


We all know and love the unmistakable taste of the sweetened soft drink Coca-Cola. But do you know about everything this company does and sells?

Coca-Cola is a legendary brand that does not need to be introduced for a long time. We have all tasted their delicious drink before and most of us love it very much. No wonder, because the recipe is completely original and has not changed since the company was founded. You can enjoy the variant with sugar, with a lower proportion of sugar or completely without it. In addition, you can enjoy it in all sizes and in glass, sheet metal and plastic. As you wish. If you have a birthday party, a match, or an evening movie in front of you, it should not be missing on your table, because nothing can replace it. Enjoy it the way you like it and don't forget to add some great food.


Hydration should not be forgotten by any of us. Drinking just plain water may not always be pleasant. Fortunately, there is a very simple solution.

Hydration is extremely important for all of us. However, ordinary water may not always be a good solution and it is very difficult to get it, especially to children. How can you stay hydrated while enjoying amazing tastes? Soda is a great solution that also offers you many flavours. You can also make it at home with Soda Stream, but if you don't want to invest in it, you should focus on the best brands that the market has to offer. According to surveys, these are: Perrier, Bubly, Spindrift, La Croix and San Pellegrino. These are well-known and quality brands, whose drinks you can enjoy in many flavours. Try one of them and you will not regret it.

stc MOBILE SAUSH موبایلی Mobily zain XBOXPUBG Cowl Coca Cola زين Coca-Cola KLASSE كوكاكولا عادية. لايت، زيرو أو سبرایت، ۱۲ × 100 مل ال 21.95 پال العبوة COCA COLA REGULAR, LITE, ZERO OR SPRITE, 12 X 150 ML SAR YOUR CHOICE شراب شعير، أصناف متنوعة، باربيكان، 1 × ٢٥٠ مل solam PACK 11.25 ريال العبوة BARBICAN BEER CAN, ASSORTED ITEMS, 6 X 250 ML iTunes 26.75 PM 20.95 15.10 ريال العبوة 18.95 ONLIN SAR arwe zero | PACK KLASSE BEER, ASSORTED ITEMS, 6 X 330 ML 9.95 حسب اختيارك ومـل حديثـا 26.95 عصير طويل الأجل، برتقال أو توت مشكل، الربيع. ۲۰ + | × 120 مل CASE 18.75 پل الصندوق AL RABIE UHT ORANGE OR BERRY MIX DRINK, 20 + 1 X 125 ML ARRIVED PACK 20.00 العيون PACK 11.75 پال 6x15 KOPPARBERS GIN PACK 6.50 پال | مياه زیرو صوديوم، ٢٤ × ٣٣٠ مل أو عاديه، 1 × 1.0 لتر اروی ARWA WATER ZERO, 24 X 330 ML OR REGULAR, 6 X 1.5 LITERS KOPPARBERG DRINKS, ASSORTED ITEMS, 250 ML 15.60 17.95 مشروبات، أصناف متنوعة، كوباربرج، ٢٥٠ مل Nirvi Fadelal PayStation Store Google Play ا 18.95 سال الحبة EACH 15.95 بال الحبة Coca-C lig شراب شعير، أصناف متنوعة، كلاس، ٦ × ۳۳۰ مل عصير معلب، أصناف متنوعة، راني. 1 × ٢٥٠ مل | 20 OLST NE BD4D ONLINE COCA COLA ZERO, LIGHT OR REGULAR, 12 X 355 ML كوكاكولا زيرو، لايت أو عادية، ١٢ × 300 مل 100% و مالی مقمه mural HARVEST Coconut Water Coca-Cola ZEONCI news مشروب شعير، أصناف متنوعة، هولستن. ۱ × ۲۳۰ ما HOLSTEN BEER BOTTLE, ASSORTED ITEMS, 6 X 330 ML بطاقات الجوال والبطاقات الرقمية متوفرة في جميع فروعنا PACK 31.95 پل العبوة HIGHLAND Phone & Digital Cards available in all of our stores OLSTE 0 22.75 15.75 PACK السوة العبوة PACK 34.50 سال 100% SAR HARVEST Coconut Water RANI CANNED JUICE, ASSORTED ITEMS, 6 X 240 ML OLSTE 35.85 SAR NUNE العبوة 10.95 * RANI 34.95 12.65 ماء جوز الهند، هارفست، ۳ × ۵۰۰ مل HARVEST Coconut Water HARVEST COCONUT WATER, 3 X 500 ML | PACK PACK 15.95 سال العبوة حسب اختيارك 23.40 YOUR CHOICE HIGHLAND SPRING مياه، هاي لاند، ٦ × 0۰۰ - 1000 مل 43.50 30.50 PACK ------- HIGHLAND WATER, 6 X 500-1500 ML 22.95 الحية | 16.95 EACH قارورة مياه مزخرفة, ستيبس، ۰.0 - ۰.۷۵ لتر D4D SNIPS DECORATED MINERAL WATER BOTTLE, 0.5 - 0.75 LITER العبوة 11.95 * SAR بيبسي، سفن آب، ميرندا، ماونتن ديو أو شاني، 1 × ٢٥٠ مل SAR green PEPSI OR DIET PEPSI, 7-UP, MIRINDA, MOUNTAIN DEW OR SHANI, 6 X 250 ML 8.95 سال SAR GREEN COLA, ORIGINAL, LEMONADE, ORANGE OR CHERRY, 6 X 330 ML 15.10 مشروب غازي. أصلي، ليمون. برتقال أو كرز، جرين. 1 × ۳۳۰ مل PACK 19.95 ریال العبوة 13.90 evian 24 4.35 ICE TEA ايس تي ايس تي | green آیس تي، أصناف متنوعة, المراعي، ٤٠٠ مل AL MARAI ICE TEA, ASSORTED ITEMS, 400 ML العبوة PACK * 3.50 EACH 24.95 مياه، ايفيان، ٢٤ × ۳۳۰ مل SAR الحية AQUAFINA. --- EVIAN WATER, 24 X 330 ML 30 CASE 97.50 ريال الصندوق 141.40 كوب زجاجي, في المنزل، ۳۲۰ مل AT HOME COFFEE CUP, 320 ML كوب زجاجي EACH 19.95 ريال - Colleo الحبة 26.95 ی MIRINDA RUAFIN مياه، أكوافينا. 1 × 1.0 لتر أو ۳۰ × ۳۳۰ مل بيبسي، بيبسي دايت، سفن أب، ميرندا برتقال أو شاني، ١٢ × 100 مل STAR PEPSI, PEPSI DIET, 7-UP, MIRINDA ORANGE OR SHANI, 12 X 150 ML AQUAFINA WATER, 6 X 1.5 LITER OR 30 x 330 ML - PACK 19.95 ريال العبوة SAR صودا، ستار، ٢٤× ۳۰۰ مل ست الصندوق 40.95 ** STAR SODA, 24 X 300 ML AQUAFINA. SAR pepsi 24.00 Soda Water G 50.00 عصير، أصناف متنوعة، سن توب، ۱۸ × ۱۸۰ مل الصندوق CASE 23.75 ريال SUNTOP JUICE, ASSORTED ITEMS. 18 X 180 ML 5.95 " Volvic ست GUINNESS 0. ONLINE 8.05 وصل حديثا العبوة | JUST ARRIVED 26.60 | PACK مياه، فولفيك، ٢٤ × ٥٠٠ مل CASE 99.95 پل ریال الصندوق VOLVIC WATER, 24 X 500 ML 159.60 CASE 16.95 الحية EACH 14.95 ريال شراب شعير خالي من الكحول، غينيس درافت ٤٤٠ مل GUINNESS DRAUGHT 0.0% NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER, 440 ML

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