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Whole lamb

Lamb is a valuable source of many minerals as well as unsaturated fatty acids. It is easily digestible and therefore suitable for baby food.

Perhaps no world cuisine can do without one important ingredient, which is meat. In this respect, the choice is very wide. Some types of meat are commonly consumed and some rarely come to our table. Lamb is a bit forgotten.

  • It is possible to buy the whole lamb product or whole lamb.

Lamb comes from young sheep up to six months of age. It tastes like a combination of beef and rabbit meat. It is therefore an interesting raw material from which a number of delicacies can be prepared. In addition, lamb is very high quality and easily digestible. It is most often prepared in the kitchen with garlic or herbs.

Lamb meat is very suitable for athletes and small children. It is a natural source of quality proteins that are important for the proper growth of bones and muscle mass. Lots of grilled delicacies can also be prepared from lamb.

The quality of the meat is also determined by the environment in which the animal moved.

Different types of meat that are intended for consumption have different properties. One of the healthiest species is lamb.

• Since it contains almost no fats and cholesterol, it is also suitable for various diet programs.

When buying whole lamb, there are many ways to use it in the kitchen. Lamb is suitable for stewing, grilling, baking, and preparing instant meals.

Regular inclusion in the diet will give you a source of protein as well as unsaturated fatty acids. The high content of omega-3 fatty acids is especially appreciated.

In addition to these substances, lamb also excels in its high mineral content. These include calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, or copper. Due to its digestibility and content of healthy substances, lamb meat is also suitable for convalescents after operations or illnesses.

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