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Scroll through this Jarir Bookstore offer valid from 01.12.2019 to 29.02.2020 to see the latest deals. On 224 pages of the current weekly offer, you will find the best goods from the Electronics category. This Jarir Bookstore flyer offers discounts on more than iPad, iPhone, MacBook, iPhone 7, iPhone X, Apple, iPhone 8 products, making sure you get the best deal on the things you buy! If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Jarir Bookstore, don't forget to look through the entire offer from page 1 to page 224. On the current page you will find promotions on iPad, iPhone, MacBook, iPhone 7, iPhone X, Apple, iPhone 8; however, this promo from Jarir Bookstore offers many other discounts on goods like Apple, Airpods, smartphone, battery, iPad, iPhone, iPad Pro, iPhone 11. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Jarir Bookstore, don’t miss the latest weekly offer full of amazing sales and wonderful promos. Come back to Top Offers every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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Apple has been in the limelight for a very long time. It was founded in 1976 and its specializations include mainly hardware and software.

At present, Apple products belong to the absolute top in their field. Among the most popular products are the Mac series, handheld sets, and iPod MP3 players.

  • Constantly new innovations also apply to other well-known products.
  • These include in particular

            - iPhone smartphone

            - iPad tablet

            - Apple Watch

Apple products have high-quality operating systems that work reliably and at a high level.

  • Computers are equipped with the macOS operating system.
  • iPhones have an integrated iOS operating system.
  • You will find the iPad OS on the iPad.

Mobile phones became a regular part of our lives a few years ago. During that time, we not only get a number of different forms, but they are also enriched with new functions. One of the most used mobile phones is the iPhone, which was brought to the market by Apple.

  • There are currently almost thirty iPhone models.
  • So, it is not a problem to choose between them exactly what corresponds to your users and wishes.

The differences between them are, of course, in features and in price. The most expensive model will cost you about forty thousand crowns. This smartphone is still undergoing a number of improvements.

  • The basis is, for example, support for native applications, increasing memory or speeding up the process.
  • Safer operating systems are also installed in these mobile phones.

In addition to technical advantages, iPhones also have their undeniably high aesthetic qualities.

‫ﻣﺴﺘﻠﺰﻣﺎت اﻟﻬﻮاﺗﻒ اﻟﺬﻛﻴﺔ‬ ‫درﺟﺔ ﺟﻬﻴﺮ أﻋﻤﻖ وأﻏﻨﻰ‬ ‫‪Dee er richer ba tone‬‬ ‫�ضماعات إاير بودز بي�ضاء �ضلكية‬ ‫‪Apple EarPods In-Ear‬‬ ‫‪Earphone - Wired‬‬ ‫Ÿ‬ ‫Ÿ‬ ‫درجات جهير اأعمق واأغنى‪ .‬حماية‬ ‫اأف�ضل من العرق والماء‪ .‬تحكم في‬ ‫المو�ضيقى واإعادة الت�ضغيل‬ ‫توفر راحة اأكبر لعدد اأكبر من‬ ‫االأ�ضخا�ض من ال�ضماعات التي تاأخذ‬ ‫�ضكل قطعة االأذن‪.‬‬ ‫‪Ÿ Deeper, richer bass tones.‬‬ ‫‪Greater protection from sweat‬‬ ‫‪and water. Control music and‬‬ ‫‪video playback‬‬ ‫�ضلك مزامنة و�ضحن ‪ USB-C‬اإلى‬ ‫�ضلك ‪Lightning‬‬ ‫‪USB-C to Lightning,‬‬ ‫‪Sync & Charge Cable‬‬ ‫Ÿ‬ ‫يو�ضل هاتف االأيفون واالأيباد‬ ‫اأو االأيبود ب�ضلك ‪ Lightning‬اإلى‬ ‫ماكبوك مع �ضلك ‪.USB-C‬‬ ‫‪Ÿ Connect your iPhone, iPad, or‬‬ ‫‪iPod with Lightning Connector‬‬ ‫‪to MacBook w/ USB-C.‬‬ ‫‪SR149‬‬ ‫‪SR95‬‬ ‫‪518477‬‬ ‫‪467294‬‬ ‫محول �ضلك ‪ Lightning‬اإلى‬ ‫مو�ضل ال�ضوت ‪ 3.5‬مم‬ ‫محول التيار الكهربائي ‪USB‬‬ ‫بقوة ‪ 5‬وات‬ ‫محول �ضلك ‪ Lightning‬اإلى �ضلك‬ ‫‪ VGA‬اأبي�ض‬ ‫قاعدة �ضحن ‪ Lightning‬لهاتف‬ ‫اأيفون‬ ‫‪Lightning to 3.5 mm Jack‬‬ ‫‪Adapter,‬‬ ‫‪5W USB Power‬‬ ‫‪Adapter‬‬ ‫‪Adapter, Lightning to VGA‬‬ ‫)‪(White‬‬ ‫‪Apple iPhone Lightning‬‬ ‫‪Dock‬‬ ‫Ÿ‬ ‫يتيح لك تو�ضيل االأجهزة التي‬ ‫ت�ضتخدم مو�ضل ال�ضوت ‪3.5‬‬ ‫باالأجهزة با�ضتخدام �ضلك ‪Lightning‬‬ ‫‪Ÿ Lets you connect devices that‬‬ ‫‪use a 3.5 mm audio plug to‬‬ ‫‪your Lightning devices‬‬ ‫‪Ÿ Featuring an ultra-compact de‬‬‫‪sign, this power adapter offers‬‬ ‫‪fast, efficient charging at home,‬‬ ‫‪in the office or on the go.‬‬ ‫‪SR52‬‬ ‫‪SR99‬‬ ‫‪467288‬‬ ‫‪162‬‬ ‫Ÿ‬ ‫يمتاز بت�ضميم �ضغير جدا‪ ,‬ويوفر‬ ‫ً‬ ‫وفعاال في المنزل‪,‬‬ ‫�ضحنًا �ضريعًا‬ ‫والمكتب اأو في اأثناء التنقل‪.‬‬ ‫دﻳﺴﻤﺒﺮ ‪ - ٢٠١٩‬ﻓﺒﺮاﻳﺮ ‪www.jarir.com I ٢٠٢٠‬‬ ‫جميع الأ�ضعار ت�ضمل �ضريبة القيمة امل�ضافة‪.‬‬ ‫Ÿ‬ ‫يعك�ض حمول اأبل ‪ Lightning‬اإىل‬ ‫�ضلك ‪ VGA‬ما نراه على اأجهزتنا‬ ‫بدقة كي يتمكن اجلميع من عر�ض‬ ‫ما يريدونه على �ضا�ضة تليفزيون‬ ‫عري�ضة‪ ,‬و�ضا�ضة االإ�ضقاط وال�ضا�ضات‬ ‫االأخرى املتوافقة مع �ضلك ‪VGA‬‬ ‫‪453785‬‬ ‫�لأ�سعار و�لعرو�ض �سارية حتى ‪ ٢٠‬يناير ‪ ٢٠٢٠‬لتتعرف على �لأ�سعار �ملحدثة و�أحدث‬ ‫�لعرو�ض بعد هذ� �لتاريخ يرجى زيارة �أقرب فرع لك �أو زيارة موقعنا �لإلكرتوين‪.‬‬ ‫‪SR229‬‬ ‫‪402207‬‬ ‫Ÿ‬ ‫يعمل مع هاتف اأيفون اإك�ض اإ�ض‬ ‫ماك�ض‪/‬واأيفون اإك�ض‪/‬واأيفون اإك�ض‬ ‫اأر‪/‬واأيفون ‪ 8‬بل�ض‪/‬واأيفون ‪/8‬‬ ‫واأيفون ‪ 7‬بل�ض‬ ‫‪Ÿ For iPhone Xs Max/iPhone X/‬‬ ‫‪iPhone XR/iPhone 8 Plus/iP‬‬‫‪hone 8/iPhone 7 Plus‬‬ ‫‪Apple TV 4K 64 GB‬‬ ‫‪Ÿ Apple TV 4K makes your fa‬‬‫‪vorite TV shows and movies‬‬ ‫‪even more amazing. Videos‬‬ ‫‪play in stunning detail with‬‬ ‫‪picture quality that’s more true‬‬ ‫‪to life. Find what you want in‬‬‫‪stantly with the Apple TV Re‬‬‫‪mote.‬‬ ‫‪Ÿ Share photos you take with‬‬ ‫‪your iPhone on the big screen.‬‬ ‫‪4K HDR is here. And it’s bril‬‬‫‪liant.‬‬ ‫‪SR249‬‬ ‫‪467291‬‬ ‫ميكنك �سراء املنتج اأو معرفة مدى توفره واآخر الأ�سعار والعرو�ض وذلك مب�سح الباركود بوا�سطة‬ ‫"قارىء الباركود" املتوفر يف خانة البحث يف تطبيق متجر جرير الإلكرتوين‬ ‫‪SR889‬‬ ‫‪490309‬‬ ‫‪Search‬‬

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