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Scroll through this Danube offer valid from 02.24.2021 to 03.02.2021 to see the latest deals. On 40 pages of the current weekly offer, you will find the best goods from the Supermarkets category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to Danube, don't forget to look through the entire offer from page 1 to page 40. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to Danube, don’t miss the latest weekly offer full of amazing sales and wonderful promos. Come back to Top Offers every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.

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The manufacturer of electronic devices Samsung always offers original technical solutions in its products for maximum comfort and convenience of its customers.

Samsung has been at the forefront of the global market for more than seventy years and continues to offer new electronics solutions. The products sold mainly include digital devices and media. So, you can find the Samsung brand on mobile phones, TVs, audio and video equipment, cameras, or cameras. Samsung is also a manufacturer and supplier of office equipment, which mainly includes laptops, monitors, and printers. Large household appliances are also among the products sold.

• Samsung products are mostly exceptional in terms of quality and sophisticated technology.

• For example, refrigerators use the multi-Flow cooling system, which guarantees even cooling of all stored food.

• Microwave ovens have technology that ensures even heating of food from all sides.


Huawei supplies mobile phones to the market in several variants. So, you can choose according to what you specifically expect from him. Or according to the price.

Thanks to the fact that there are many brands of mobile phones on the market, we can choose not only according to their appearance, but also according to the functions and other parameters that are important to us. One of the manufacturers that ranks among the most prosperous is Huawei. This manufacturer (not only mobile phones) is constantly bringing new technologies and innovations. In addition, mobile phones are known for their perfect design, and you will not miss them.

• Huawei mobile phones are manufactured in several lines.

• So, you can choose exactly what you expect from your smartphone.

  • Mate series perfect technology.
  • P Series perfect fashion.
  • G series perfect value.
  • Y series perfect accessibility.

Mobile phones became a regular part of our lives a few years ago. During that time, we not only get a number of different forms, but they are also enriched with new functions. One of the most used mobile phones is the iPhone, which was brought to the market by Apple.

  • There are currently almost thirty iPhone models.
  • So, it is not a problem to choose between them exactly what corresponds to your users and wishes.

The differences between them are, of course, in features and in price. The most expensive model will cost you about forty thousand crowns. This smartphone is still undergoing a number of improvements.

  • The basis is, for example, support for native applications, increasing memory or speeding up the process.
  • Safer operating systems are also installed in these mobile phones.

In addition to technical advantages, iPhones also have their undeniably high aesthetic qualities.

إلكترونيات Electronics These color codes are referred to Item availability. Check the cover back page for the store name in marked color. الألوان المذكورة تشير إلى توفر المنتج. يمكنكم التحق ق من توفره بمطابقة الفروع مع الألوان المشار إليهافي الصفحة الأخيرة. 60483335 60483315 60486025 60486035 60486055 10319675 10319665 10319655 3799.0d SR .00 33990 1299.0 SR SR ال لحبة EACH .00 ال لحبة EACH SR 1599.08 جوال هواوي نوفا ۷ اس اي 08:08 4月23日星期四 HUAWEI nova 7 SE 5G HUAWEI ANDROID V10.0 Dual Sim Display 6.5 inches 128GB Security Fingerprint Sensor 128GB Camera 16MP/GAMP/EMP /ZMP/ZMP آیفون ۱۲ * iPhone 12 0000 ایفون ۱۲ ميني iPhone 12Mini Processor 23 GH Octa-Core Memory 8GB RAM, 128GB ROM .... ...... 60458075 60458065 60458055 60487665 60487245 60487255 60484875 2699 30 SR .00 4161.00 SR .00 SR .00 T099.00 SR SR 1449.08 SR SAMSUNG سامسونج جالكسي اس ۲۰ بلس 5G سامسونج جالكسي تاب أي ۷ سامسونج جالكسي Galaxy Tab A7 SAMSUNG SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 Plus 5G ANDROID Galaxy A42 ANDROID V10.0 ANDROID V10.0 V10.0 Dual Sim Dual Sim Display Display 6.7 inches 6.6 inches 4G Security Fingerprint Sensor Camera SOMP/6AMP/12MP /12MP Security Fingerprint Sensor Camera AAMP/AMP/SMP /SMP D000 5G ODD0 0000 0000 Memory 12GB RAM, 128GB ROM Memory GGB RAM, 128GB ROM Memory 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM Display 10.4 inches Processor Processor Camera 8MP/SMP Processor 2.73 GHz Octa-Core 22GHE Octa-Core 2.0 GHz Octa-Core ال لحبة EACH XTREME 11432590 SR .00 59.00 PRUKINI SR FUJIA Mini HD-222 65.00 SR 60454015 ال لحبة EACH 1+1 75.00 SR Bluetooth Pewercoo40 Ptube Og 4-Port STO Micro USB ChargeSnc Cable 4K FUJR ULTRAHD WIRELESS HEADPHONES Full HD 1080p OACTO eON ALL USB-C1OU CARLE 18 Cotrae Dual Use Pewer Adapter 1OW US USO SUSB-A Power Ade Mini HD-22 ORIGINA RECHARGIH INYTONER Fader Se Tine 60 رسيفر اتش دي فوجي Fuji Receiver HD کيبل واكسسوارات الجوال روكيني سماعة رأس بلوتوث اکستریم Rukini Mobile Cables and Accessories Xtreme Bluetooth Handsfree 38 الألوان المذكورة تشير إلى توفر المنتج. يمكنكم التحق ق من توفره These color codes are referred to Item availability. Check the cover back page for the store name in marked color. بمطابقة الفروع مع الألوان المشار إليها في الصفحة الأخيرة. .......... .....

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