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Depending on the type of car, its owner can usually be easily estimated. Other requirements will be met by family cars and others will be in the forefront of young and single drivers.

Today, the car is almost a necessary equipment for everyone. We just have slightly different requirements and demands for its features and capabilities. These can also differ from the generational point of view. Another car will certainly be chosen by a young man who does not yet plan a family and other requirement will have to be met by the family car.

  • So, if you are choosing a family car, then the type of engine will play a role.
  • Diesel engines are built to drive longer distances because they have lower fuel consumption in this case.

            - The disadvantage is higher maintenance requirements and less resistance to temperature fluctuations.

The family car should also be safe and comfortable enough for the entire crew. Safety is enhanced by built-in airbags, and quality air conditioning is suitable for comfort, especially in the summer months.

One of the main criteria of many future car owners is certainly its price. But this information can be a bit misleading. Although you may find the car very affordable, don't forget to check the availability and price level of spare parts. Luxury brands can also become more expensive thanks to compulsory insurance.

  • Finally, you need to consider whether you can park your car safely.
  • Car thefts are becoming more common, and it is not always possible to find the vehicle or return it to the owner in an undamaged condition.

Gone are the days when small cars were popular with women. According to the latest surveys, women currently want a large luggage space. This required feature is usually met only by middle-class cars. But one requirement is still the same.

  • Women prefer the practical side and therefore do not require excessive additional equipment.
  • An element that is welcome in many cases is the automatic transmission.

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